Monday, 28 April 2014

Chotto Matte

Nikkei cuisine keeps on booming in London. This hybrid fusion of Japanese food mixed with South American (Peruvian) flavours can clearly be experienced when dining at the highly priced Nobu or Sushi Samba. However, Kurt Zdesar (the genius behind Ping Pong) realised this huge gap in the market - in terms of this cuisine not being available for middle class dining - decided to create this magnificent restaurant right in the heart of Soho.

The interior is quite different to most restaurants. The street art (or graffiti) on the right hand side of the restaurant ruins the rest of the intricate decor in terms of furniture, lighting and colour put in place in the restaurant's ground floor. It makes the restaurant's vibe a little less classy, almost cheap. However, the impressive neon artwork on the lower ground floor brightens up a dark corridor which leads to the toilets. This is actually very, very futuristic indeed! Perhaps they could've replaced the graffiti with more neon artwork?

Moving onto the food I would say the Pollo Den Miso was fantastic, such a wide aroma of flavours from the barbecued chicken (which was from the Robata Grill) mixed well with the carrots, courgette and yellow chilli salsa had a mayonnaise-esq feel about it. This dish was on the menu with a bold line circling it, which can only mean it is classified as a special. They didn't fail to deliver!
Don't judge me but i ordered another two portions within a minute and a half of demolishing this piece of art.

Next was the "Tentaculos de Pulpo" which my waiter persuaded me to try even though i am not a fan of octopus or potatoes. This dish actually contained a tentacle which was pretty cool to witness, and the texture of the octopus was surprisingly soft - I would have thought it would be very chewy and rough like its brother, the squid.

The "Mazorca de Maiz" which is basically spicy corn definitely reminds me of the masala corn which you get in Bombay as a snack in the cinemas or airports. I used to eat that a lot in my younger vegetarian days when i was holidaying in India. So for most people whom take a liking to Bombay Street Food will love this dish due to the blend of spices mixing very well with the butter and coriander.

The avocado & corn vegetable tartar in blackberry sauce might have been the most healthy dish on the menu. It was ok. A blend of vegetables mixed with sweet blackberry sauce does make one feel less guilty of picking too many meat dishes from the menu.

I would say all in all this restaurant is definitely worth a visit simply because of the amount of variety there is for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. But one thing which i always do get quite grumpy about is the size of the portions being too small. My appetite is equivalent to that of an elephant and when i see portion sizes equivalent to the portion sizes in a tapas bar it does piss me off!
But nevertheless this restaurant is a success simply because its owner has done his homework on what type of concept sells in this day and age.

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  1. Nice! Chotto Matte was amazing :) As Japanese I've been hesitant to try the Pan-Asian/Japanese "inspired" food here, but now I think everyone should really try all the fusion cuisines!