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Patara is a family owned restaurant which entered the UK market in 1992. It has flourished, and is by far the best fine dining Thai restaurant in London. The Patara Group decided to open a more casual, Thai Cafe/Restaurant to capitalise on the middle tier dining, which has been dominated by the likes of  Busaba Ethai, Thai Square, 101 Thai Kitchen etc. Thus the launch of Suda occurred in September 2011 located in St. Martin's Courtyard which is right in the heart of Covent Garden.  

The entrance looks very attractive, boasting of vertical blue lighting strips which glows superbly under the very bright "Suda" sign. There are also four tables right by the outside entrance which i assume are only for show in the winter and for use in the summer. As you walk into the restaurant, the ground floor contains the main bar area with a few table and stools on the side suggesting this is where the informal dining/drinks section is. Wood has a strong emphasis in the materials used, and you can get a slight feel of being in a luxury back garden treehouse as you enter.

The staircase in the back, leads you to the first floor of the restaurant, which increases the sophistication of the interior only slightly with a bigger bar area; although the use of wood doesn't really make it impressive. The tables are much more spread out which is something I like, as whenever i go to restaurants which have a compact interior I almost always bump into waiters whilst they are carrying dishes to various tables. The white patterns on the black wall make this interior design fairly simplistic.

The first dish I ordered was the "Pratad Pu Cha", which is the Crab and Chicken Firecracker. I was intrigued by the name, as firecracker to me means some sort of firework. Being a fan of spicy food I thought I might give this a go. This dish is basically four very long and thin spring rolls, represented vertically with one of the ends dipped in a red spicy sauce. I could barely taste the crab as most of this dish was chicken, and holding it on one end involved oil dripping on my plate. As soon as I took a bite, the sheer quantity of oil that came out of this spring roll was quite disgusting and I wasn't impressed at all!

Up next was the "Satay Gai" - Chicken Satay. A dish which is a must order in any Thai restaurant in the world. The dish on the whole was ok, it didn't have that charcoal kick which I expect from this dish, and it was a little too oily, however the satay sauce was its delicious! The smooth peanut texture with a dash of coconut milk was absolutely spot on!

The "Gaeng Massaman Gai" which was the Massaman Chicken curry came next. This was the star dish of the meal. The blend of coconut milk, roasted peanuts and tumeric flavoured the pieces of chicken breast and thighs in such a delicious way that waiting for my side portion of steam rice became almost impossible when I took a small bite of this dish!

The "Pad Thai Goong" was the Pad Thai with Prawns. This dish was very traditionally made with dried prawns, red chilli peppers, beansprouts shallots with a nice lime wedge on the side. The quantity of palm sugar put in this dish was just right. A lot of Thai cuisines almost ALWAYS overdoses on this quantity, but Suda has very accurately got this streetfood dish right.

For dessert I tried the "Kao Tom Mud Sai Chocolate" which is a sticky rice roll with bitter chocolate filling inside with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. The sticky rice was infused with coconut milk and the dark chocolate wasn't oozing out but remained inside as you cut through the rice. I'm quite a picky person when it comes to dessert. And I usually have problems if the dessert isn't a chocolate fondant or a chocolate brownie.  I can understand why people like this type of dessert and don't get me wrong, the preparation of it was flawless, but It was more of a personal stubbornness as to why I didn't really enjoy it. Although for the people whom are adventurous with desserts I would recommend it!

The Verdict

Ambience - 5/10
Food - 6/10
Service - 8/10

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