Thursday, 14 May 2015

Top Of The Hub

Greetings from Boston!

This iconic rooftop bar has been one of the reflections of Boston’s commercial success over the past few decades. Based on 52nd floor of Prudential Centre, 360 degree views of this magnificent city can be seen. This establishment has recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary in April - what an achievement for a lounge situated in the most expensive building in the state! 
What separates this gem from most rooftop bars around the world is a combination of showcasing the culinary delights of New England dishes on its menu along with its nightly live jazz band which heightens the mood of this place. 

I remember coming here when I was 17; as soon as the elevator doors opened the place was oozing opulence. It was the first time I had been to a rooftop bar, and it was a mirror image of the sky lounges I saw in hollywood movies. Luckily a polite, friendly waiter escorted me to a booth which was right next to a window so I could absorb the breath-taking views whilst devouring my Club Sandwich and Crab Cakes….

A few years later, I have come back and was treated with the same friendly hospitality as I requested the waiter to escort me to the very same seat I had sat in before. However, this time having had many experiences in rooftop bars in Europe and Asia I thought I would not be able to capture the same feeling blissfulness during my second experience in this place. But, I was proven wrong, it really was incredible - I suppose the rooftop bar concept like many lifestyle inventions in modern day has originated from the US but has been perfected in Asia. The sheer quantity of rooftop bars in Dubai and Hong Kong alone surely outnumbers the US?    

One thing which I have always been impressed with is portion sizes in America. I love the fact that  fine dining restaurants in Boston never compromise portion sizes. However quality is a completely different issue -  I truly believe that fine-dining restaurants across all cuisines in Boston, New York, Miami perhaps LA will never come close to the quality we are so used to in London (apologies for boasting, but I am only trying to express my honest humble thoughts).

Moving onto the food, I ordered the “Toasted Sesame Crusted Tuna Steak”. I’ve ordered yellowfin tuna quite frequently in Boston as they seem to serve this dish in Italian, Japanese, Chinese cuisine and as a burger in most burger joints around the city. This time it was prepared Sichuan style with egg noodles and Kai-lan. The oriental flavours worked perfectly with the Tuna, and this dish really didn’t fail to impress. 

I ordered a typical New England dish next which the pan seared crab cakes (the picture only shows one, but there was actually two in a portion, I just wolfed down one of them in 2 bites accidentally before remembering to take a picture…. [my bad]). It was served with an Aioli dressing on the side which made this dish a powerful combination.

For dessert, there really was only one dish to order - the Boston Cream Pie. Now like most people in Boston, I originally thought the name of this dish was only a Dunkin Donuts style donut, but it actually is the flagship dessert of Boston (I 100% guarantee you if you ask Bostonians the question of “what is a Boston Cream Pie?” they will tell you its a Dunkin Donuts flavour!!)

This dessert was simply stunning, it had the logo of “Top of the Hub” and its image background on the dessert itself. I’ve seen this done only a few times before, and I think it should be implemented by more restaurants more often. 

This cream pie is served cold and has a hard thin outer layer of chocolate and is filled with swirls of custard, mascarpone cheese and chocolate sauce. Three flavours attacking my tongue at once left my tastebuds overwhelmed - this was hands down the best dish of the night!

The Verdict:

Ambience - 7.5/10
Food - 7/10

Service - 7/10

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